Northriver herd in summer

Breeders of SIMMENTAL Fullbloods since 1990.
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Farm Bischof

A few illustrations of our breeding program

Herd bulls, breeding heifers, foundation females, a sample of our program over the years is shown below.

While we have evolved in our search to produce subjects best suited for current markets, we still appreciate the many genetic contributions added to our program since we started.

A superior bull will improve the herd, but a good cow will always produce a good calf, even when the bull used that year is not up to par.

Our goal is to combine the maternal strengths of our fondation cows with the paternal performances of top sires to produce outstanding calfs each and every time.

division bleue

Summer 2016

division bleue

Cookshire Fair 2009
Parade of Champions - Cookshire Fair 2009
young bulls in winter pens
Young bulls in winter pens
Northriver Thor
Northriver Thor - BISC 3T
Northriver Lincoln
Northriver Lincoln - BISC 108L
DNA Deejay Jr. 11F
DNA Deejay Jr.- DNAF 11F
Northriver Master
Northriver Master - BISC 211M
Northriver Lydia
Northriver Lydia - BISC 113L
Northriver Karina
Northriver Karina - BISC 106K
DEK Polled Lara
DEK Polled Lara - DEK 36L
Northriver Scarlet
Northriver Scarlet - BISC 212D
Northriver Uschi
Northriver Uschi - BISC 9U
Northriver Sarah
Northriver Sarah - BISC 605S
Group in summer pasture
Group in summer pasture
Ewes in pasture
Ewes in pasture

To view the breed registration and EPD information on the animals shown above, click on the "animals" tab on the search page of the CSA site at:

and enter the tatoo (ex. BISC 211M) in the appropriate box.

division bleue

Our contact details

Farm: (819) 889-2567
Office: (514) 457-4099

Phil Dougherty - (819) 889-3260

Dave Grey - (819) 875-3205
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